• general dni criteria (ex: racism, homophobia/transphobia, ableism, etc.)
  • zionists
  • anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers
  • you are following me deliberately to harass or cause harm against me or any of my followers or mutuals
  • any fans of the following (excluding existing mutuals): vivziepop (hazbin hotel, helluva boss), dream/dsmp, quackity/qsmp, wilbur soot/lovejoy, ajr,
  • you unironically "claim" music, media, etc. as your own, and are serious about your position (getting in arguments over it, adding it to your DNI, etc). I don't mind when people do this for fun, but getting genuinely heated about it gets on my nerves.
  • you view disabilities (mental or physical) as "abilities", rather than legitimate struggles. (on the same note, do not interact if you support autism speaks.)
  • Triggers

  • "friend, please" - twenty one pilots
  • everywhere at the end of time
  • emergency alert sirens (national weather service, air raid, amber alert, etc.)
  • shinedown (mainly anything older than ~2013)
  • needles/injection imagery
  • v0mit/emeto