About (wip)

wow! you found the about page!

hi! my name is kes (they/them). i'm a 20 year old self-taught artist & indie game dev from wisconsin. i have dx OCD, and i am self-dx audhd.

i currently make a living off of selling my dumb designs on redbubble (shameful promotion) or through commissions (more shameful promotion). however, in the *hopefully* near future, i'm aiming to either become a tattoo artist or go into music. (comms and shop purchases do help me out a lot though. just saying.)

i can get very annoying about a lot of things. but some of the main ones you should know about are:

i am chronically ill/disabled (hemiplegic migraines, nTBI survivor, chronic joint issues, lots of other things - i am plagued by health problems) and i talk openly about it fairly often. i'm not afraid to answer questions or talk! please don't use me as your sole resource though!!